It is an excellent tour for professional and Amateur Photographers or for people who loves travelling. You will have time to have superb shots such as sunsets, sunrises, panorama, lakes, nature with wild life, Historical Architectural buildings. Driving around of Marmara Sea by exploring all beauties of lives, nature, history such as Bursa with its old villages, Ottoman buildings, Troy and Gallipoli, and as last point Edirne before Istanbul is one of interesting opportunities from Istanbul. Bursa is also very famous with Longos Forests where photographers stop there for taking amazing pictures there. Marmara Sea is inland Sea of Turkey where connects to Aegean Sea with Dardanelles strait where Troy and Galipoli are and connects to Black Sea with Istanbul Strait. So it is one of most important strategic point in the world as a passage for sea trading where Europe and Asia split.


DEPARTURE: We depart from Istanbul early in the morning after breakfast around 8.00am

INCLUDES: Professional English speaking Guidance, Private Luxury designed Mercedes Van, Parking, Admission fees of sights, Accommodation, Cable Car to go up to Grand Mountain

EXCLUDES: Accommodation, Meals, Optional tipping,

DATES: It starts every Monday with min 4 and max 12 people.


Day 1

tirilye-You will meet with your guide and depart from hotel in Istanbul after breakfast early in the morning. We drive to Iznik town which was one of the capitals of Christianity known as Nicea. Also one of the Ecumenical Councils had been done here during the history. Driving to Iznik town takes around 2.5 hours. It looks like little Constantinople with its surrounding Byzantine city walls and buildings. Also it was the town where Quartz tiles made during the Ottoman Periods. The kilns still can be seen.

-After Iznik town we drive to Tirilye town of Bursa where is located by Marmara Sea. This town Tirilye (Triglia) has been an important religious center of Greek Orthodox Christians for a long time. It is a first level protected town for over 30 years because of its Byzantine and Ottoman architectural building as and it is considered as an open air museum thanks to the historical buildings and houses. We stay overnight in this little historical town by the Marmara Sea.

DSC_8600Day 2

Our second day will start early morning again. We check out from our boutique hotel and drive to Bursa. Our driving takes around an hour. The Mausoleums of early Ottoman Sultans have been all located in Bursa because of being the first capital of Ottoman Empire. The surrounding fertile plain, its thermal Baths, several interesting museums and urban growth complete overall picture of Bursa. We visit most of these buildings such as Grand Mosque, Green Mosque, Green tomb, Silk Bazaar.

-Bursa is also home to some famous Turkish dishes, especially candied chestnuts and Iskender Kebap (Alexander Kebap). So we are not going to leave city without trying their local Iskender Kebap in oldest restaurant there.

gölyazıgünbatımı-After lunch we take a cable car to Grand Mountain to see all panoramic view of the city and have a tea break there. Grand Mountain (Uludag) is first ski center of Turkey and is still most famous one as well.

-And then we drive to Golyazi village where is located by Uluabat lake. It is located on a peninsula surrounded by the hazy waters of Uluabat Lake. It is as beautiful as painting with its red tiled roofs. You start feeling as if you are walking on water as you walk from the main land toward the edge of the peninsula. Also the Uluabat lake lies on the migration path of birds, forming the ecosystem together with Lake Manyas. The shores of lake is under the official preservation as per the international Ramsar Convention, are home to a variety of rare flora. We want you to witness the beauty of sunset and sunrise over the lake. So we stay overnight in Golyazı Village.

kc5Day 3

-After having a wonderful village breakfast we leave the village and drive to Horse Farms which was founded by 2nd sultan of Ottomans, Orhan Gazi during 14th century. And today this farm is the capital of Horse breeding in Turkey especially for horse races. It is the best places to see most beautiful horses of Turkey.

-We have a lunch in Karacabey where is very local town of Bursa.

kc1-After lunch we drive to Longos forests (also known as flooded forest or swamp forest) which is one of 6-7 numbers around the world. Flooded forest is below sea level, with edges of the rainfall occurs during the winter months. Every year in this cycle of the swamp, delta formations terrain is covered with silt carried by the rivers to be seen. For this reason, a rich variety of trees and plants in correct proportion and its hosts a large population of wild animals which is very important. We have a nice walk in the forest there to take pictures and feel the beauty of nature with wild horses, cows, birds and many others.

After these longos forests we have to leave the town and drive to Canakkale which is second strait of Marmara Sea in Turkey. Driving takes around 2.5 hours.

We stay overnight in Canakkale by Dardanelles Strait.

Day 4

trojan horseAfter having a breakfast at the hotel we check out and depart for a wonderful day to see very important ancient city, TROY. After feeling the story of Troy and witnessed the trenches of Shileman in the ancient city, we stop in a nice restaurant for lunch and cross the Dardanelles Strait by car ferry.

-When we step on Galipoli peninsula we may feel different where the lands of 1st World War were When 8 different countries had attacked to Ottoman Army there, Turks did not leave their lands even by paying with their lives. Around 500.000 soldiers killed eachother there and buried to same lands where ever they died. So it is a very special land as whole burial places of Turkish soldiers besides Anzacs, New Zealanders, Australians, British and others there. After visiting the Peninsula and have an idea about the war and people there from our guide we drive to Edirne.

Driving to Edirne takes around 2.5 hours. Edirne is located in Europe part of Turkey on the North West corner and has the longest border with Greece and Bulgaria.

We stay overnight in Edirne

Day 5

selimiye-camii-edirne-bugunneyesem-After check out from our hotel we start to explore Edirne city. Because being at the high traffic of trading it has been very important city between Europe and Asia as well as Istanbul. Therefore many civilizations came and gone from here. It was the second capital city of Ottoman Empire. So there are very important architectural buildings of Ottomans here from 14th and 15th century such as Grand Mosque, Uc serefeli Mosque, Health Museum which was opened and served as very important hospital for mental treatments and surgeries too during the Ottoman period. Also Architect Sinan who was the master of Architects had built his master piece, Selimiye Mosque during 16th century for Sultan Selim the 2nd. The specialty of this mosque is its dome. Dome is only one piece and doesn’t have any half domes or columns supporting this huge one piece dome. It is supported by walls. It is impressive.

mecidiyekoprusu1-We visit these impressive buildings as much as we can and we go to have lunch just by the Merich River in a local restaurant.

-In the afternoon we see the Lausanne Peace Treaty monument near train Museum and we take a walk in Kaleici which is oldest part of Edirne. It is the most peaceful location for me with Grand Synagogue, Italian Church, Greek Church, Alliance Schools and mosques. People from different religions all have been living together for long years. Of course we give coffee break in walking are called fish market.

-And in the afternoon latest at 4pm we leave the city and drive to Istanbul not be stuck in Highway traffic. Our driving takes around 2.5 hours to Istanbul and we drop you off at the same places where we picked you up 5 days ago.


-Guests must be able to walk approximately 2.5 miles over uneven and cobblestone surfaces, inclines and 10-30 steps in a day. Comfortable shoes, a hat and plenty of sunscreen are recommended as shade is limited the order of the tour itinerary may vary in order to avoid congestion. Guests should watch their step at all times in order to avoid injuries.

-We pick you up and drop you off from/to your hotel points. The hotel or point where our guests suggest to be picked up must be in Sultanahmet, Sirkeci, Taxim, Besiktas Locations. So your pick up time from your hotel will be informed after booking tour. We prefer starting tour early to avoid the crowds in the morning. When it is suggested, the directions of the meeting point from Hotel can be mailed and also all our contact numbers are available all time. We can drop you off to same place where we picked you up too.

-Accommodation standards and preferences of people are always different. But, because of being in a local city, there are no exclusive standard hotels there. Most preferred hotels are in clean 3 to 4 star hotel standards with friendly staff. Normally we do not include accommodation expense to our tour price. We included accommodation in this tour, because of being in a local city. So, expectations of our guests must be casual, clean in 3-4 stars standards there, to use only for a night.

-Our guide is permitted to swap the priority of places where are visited to make tour less tiring and avoid the crowd.

-While booking tour; our guests must give all details about number of people, any allergic conditions, health problems, name of people well.

-Our semi-private tours are based on customized preferences which we follow in our private tours as an itinerary too. All has been organized for people who prefer doing private tour with limited budget. So Max 12 people can attend the tour unless being a large covered group.

-Our tours are all organized legally by PEACE TRAVEL SERVICE as an official Travel Agency with A-9802 TURSAB Membership and all our guests are guided by highly experienced licensed Tour Guides.


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