Overview to Private Istanbul Tour

Private Istanbul tour is excellent opportunity for people who have limited time just to understand city in overall view with main highlights. At a Glance, Istanbul is a huge city located both on Europe and Asia. Therefore it is not easy to explore and understand the city in a day. That is the city where big Empirements had governed own countries from here. So we can say it is the city of mystery with impressive Architectural Palaces, churches, mosques, synagogues, souks and many other things.

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  • DURATION: One Day walking tour in Sultanahmet area
  • TYPE OF TOUR: Semi-Private Tour with max 12 and min 2 people
  • DEPARTURE: 9.00am in the morning
  • DEPARTURE MEETING POINT: At the entrance of Hagia Sophia Museum
  • INCLUDES: Guidance, Admission fees of Sights (Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace with Harem, Basilica Cistern), VAT tax, All sights which are suggested in tour itinerary, pick up/drop off to Hotels, if pick up points are in SultanAhmet, Taxim, Sirkeci and Besiktas Locations.
  • EXCLUDES: Meals and personal expenses
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Itinerary for Private Istanbul Tour
  • After meeting with your guide, we will start from Topkapi Palace. Treasury, Holy Relics, Pavilions in third inner garden, Kitchens, Audience Hall (Private office of Sultan), Ambassador Hall of Topkapi Palace are the main places must be seen there. Also Harem is in Topkapi Palace as well where has to be visited at the same day if guest is interested in to visit. It takes time (min 2-3 hours) to visit whole palace.
  • Second stop will be Hagia Sophia sight museum. It was built as biggest Basilica Church of the world in 6th century and converted to a Mosque in 15th century. In 1936, it was converted to a museum as a decision of Atatürk. Hagia Sophia Museum is in the list of UNESCO as a World Heritage. Hagia Sophia is a very impressive Architecture of early Byzantine period.
  • Free time for a lunch during the Private Istanbul Tour
  • Third stop will be Basilica Cistern which is original Byzantine water supplying system of 6th century without any Ottoman touch. There are 2 Medusa relieved marble blocks as the bases of 2 separate columns inside which worth seeing.
  • Fourth stop will be the square where there was an ancient Hippodrome which includes Egyptian Obelisk (3600 years old), Serpentine Column (dated back to 486BC), Constantine Column from 10th century and German fountain.
  • Fifth stop is Blue Mosque (SultanAhmet Mosque) which is very famous with blue quartz tiles of 17th century is only mosque in all over the world with six minarets on.
  • And Grand Bazaar where has 4500 oriental shops inside. Shopping is a kind of culture in Grand Bazaar. So we advise to walk around with a guide first to explore and get the sense of shopping there. And then our guests will be on safe side and it will be more enjoyable. Otherwise it comes so overwhelming in a short time. After walking around in the Bazaar together, our tour will be ended there.
  • All these highlights are very close and in walking distance to each other. Therefore, if  you choose accommodation in Sultan Ahmet district, the guest will be avoiding the traffic and do not need any transportation.
  • We pick you up from your hotel and bring you to meet up at the entrance of Hagia Sophia Museum. Hotels or points where our guests suggested as pick up point must be in Sultanahmet, Sirkeci, Taxim, Besiktas Locations. Tour starts at 9.00am from departure point. So we inform you for your pick up time from your hotel after booking tour. We prefer starting tour early to avoid the crowds in the morning. If you decide to come by yourself to meeting point, we can mail the directions of meeting point from your hotel. Also all our contact numbers are available all time. We can drop you off to same place where we picked you up too.
  • While booking tour; if our guest come out from Cruise ship, our guests must give all details about name of Cruise ship, docking port name, arrival and departure time of cruise ship, number of people, any allergic conditions, health problems, name of people well.
  • Topkapi Palace is closed on Tuesdays. So, tour runs every day except Tuesdays with minimum 2 people.
  • Guests must have very comfortable shoes to walk on cobblestone surfaces, inclines and 10-30 steps in a day. We recommend a hat and sun cream as there may be limited shade. Also, Guests should watch their step at all times in order to avoid injuries.
  • Please ask us to mail you a tour itinerary with official agreement to avoid congestion.
  • Our guide may swap priority of places to make tour less tiring and avoid crowd.
  • We base our semi-private tours on customized preferences. And also we follow these itineraries in our private tours too. We organize these tours for travellers who prefer doing private tour.
  • Our Company organize all our tours legally byPEACE TRAVEL SERVICE as an official Travel Agency with A-9802 TURSAB  We provide highly experienced licensed Tour Guides to all our guests.