Italy is an extraordinary delight of soul-stirring, heart-thumping food, architecture, art and landscapes rivaled by few places in the world and coveted by millions. Regions of Italy feel more like different independent states, where each has its own dialects, culture, architecture and glorious food. On another hand, incomparable artistic treasures of country are amount more than the rest of the world put together. It is hard not to feel a little jealous sometimes, but it is even more difficult not to fall madly in love.

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It is the home of historical art treasures;

This beautiful country is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Cultural sites with countless Early Roman sites and buildings. Such as many important buildings of Rome, Pompei as an epicenter of early Roman Empire and birthplace of Renaissance! Time is not enough to explore beautiful Italy with the sense of everything such as history, beautiful coasts mixed up with nature and history. It is a cultural mixture as thrilling as it is overwhelming. Follow Us by Facebook


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