***We get permissions to use tripods in Hagia Sophia and Basilica Cistern.
This Photography tour is for everybody who loves taking pictures. Actually forget taking picture, only enjoying the view of sun rising over Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia will be a lifetime memory. It may sound tiring tour by starting very early in the morning. But Everyone must live this time with this stunning view.
  • DURATION: One Day tour for 8 hours
  • TYPE OF TOUR: Photography Tour for Professionals and Amateurs
  • DEPARTURE TIME: Very early in the morning around 5.00am. Departure time can be changed day by day up on sun rising time. After booking tour, pick up time from your hotel will be informed you by email.
  • DEPARTURE POINT: Old City of Istanbul
  • INCLUDES: Professional Photographer Guidance, Breakfast,  Pick up and Drop off from /to hotels,Transportation
  • EXCLUDES;If anybody needs any additional equipment, please let us know we can hire the pieces for you. Personal expenses.
Photography Tour Brief Itinerary
  • After meeting in old city we walk around to see these beautiful architectures with lights and walk up to highest point in old city where we can catch the sun rise well. And then, we are going to have an amazing Turkish Breakfast at the same place. After breakfast we visit Hagia Sophia to take photos inside during the quitest time(You will be permitted to take photograph by tripods).
  • And then next stop will be Basilica Cistern. It is an amazing architecture of Byzantine period.
    Our tour will be ended at noon around 12.00. If we can have enough time left, we may do one more stop where we can take good pictures. But sun gets stronger at noon so tour ends during noon.
  • We pick you up from your hotel and bring you to meet up in old city. Hotels or points where our guests suggested as pick up point must be in Sultanahmet, Sirkeci, Taxim, Besiktas locations. Tour starts very early before sunrise from departure point. So your pick up time from your hotel will be informed after booking tour. If you decide to come to meeting point by your selves, we can mail the directions of meeting point from your hotel. Also all our contact numbers are available all time. We can drop you off to same place where we picked you up too.
  • While booking tour; if our guest come out from Cruise ship, our guests must give all details about name of Cruise ship, docking port name, arrival and departure time of cruise ship, number of people, any allergic conditions, health problems, name of people well.
  • This tour is not educational Photography tour. But the best points, time and direction of sun and angles to catch the best shot are all organized.
  • Our guide may swap priority of places to make tour less tiring and avoid crowd.
  • We base our semi-private tours on customized preferences. And also we follow these itineraries in our private tours too. We organize these tours for travellers who prefer doing private tour.
  • Our Company organize all our tours legally by PEACE TRAVEL SERVICE as an official Travel Agency with A-9802 TURSAB  We provide highly experienced licensed Tour Guides to all our guests.


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