28TH OCT-5TH NOV 2017

Holy Lands & Jerusalem tour will be guided by Zerrin Sapmaz only in those days. Let’s come and explore the Israel together.

  • DEPARTURE DATE: 28TH Oct 2017 from Tel Aviv
  • INCLUDES: Professional English Speaking Guide Zerrin Sapmaz, Luxury Designed A/C Mercedes Van, Parkings, Admission Fees of Sights written in Itinerary, 8 Dinners and 8 Breakfast, 2 Bottles of water each day for everyone, local guide to work legally, Accommodation in 5* Hotels, Airport transfers in specific times from Airport to hotel in Tel Aviv and from hotel in Jerusalem to Airport.
  • EXCLUDES: Lunches, Any drinks during the meals, Flight tickets, optional tipping to driver and guides.
  • PAYMENT OPTIONS: We use Mail Order System for Payment which is the safest way for both Parties. Please contact us for details!
  • PRICE:3200USD per person in DBL room. 
    Holy Lands & Jerusalem 1st Day/28.10: TEL AVIV

    Because of being 1st day we go easy today. We take a tour to Jaffa in the afternoon. Arrivals can be in different time to hotel. In the afternoon, first we visit old Jaffa city. Jaffa name coming from one of the Noah sons name Yafet. Also it means beautiful too. We will visit Masjid Al Mahmudeya, Masjid Hasan Beik, Abdulhamid clock tower, governer palace, historical harbour with old Jaffa Market and many old Ottoman Hans hammams there. After visiting Jaffa Tarres ancient ruins where we can have information about 5000 years of history of Jaffa. In the afternoon we do city tour to see Tel-Aviv University, Carmel market, Dizengoff street, Rabin avenue, Newe Tsedek, train station on the way to Hejaz from Ottoman period. We stay overnight in Tel Aviv. 

    Holy Lands & Jerusalem 2nd Day/29.10: TEL AVİV-CAESAREA- HAIFA

    After having breakfast in our hotel of Tel Aviv, we drive to Caesarea. Old city was founded by Roman King Herod the Great and we can see the prints of many civilizations there such as ancient walls, Roman Theatre, Bosnian Mosque, ancient harbor and many others. After this city we drive to Haifa. Haifa Port, cord length. Baha’i Gardens, Golden Dome avenue, Arbel cliffs and Hittin location, tomb of Bab, Carmel Hill, Carmelite monastery, and Baha’i temple(in UNESCO list) We stay overnight in Acre. 

    Holy Lands & Jerusalem 3th Day/30.10: ACRE- NAZARETH:
    After having our breakfast, we go the Acre town which is in the UNESCO list too. We follow the prints of Ottomans and Crusaders at the Acre Castle by seeing the tunnels from Crusaders and also we visit Cezzar Ahmet Pasha Mosque and Acre market Ottoman Castle. After completing our tour in Acre, we drive to Tiberias in the afternoon and stay overnight in Tiberias. 
    Holy Lands & Jerusalem 4th Day/31.10: WHOLE DAY TIBERIAS

    Tiberias city is quite important in the Bible also for Jewish history too. We are going to visit Capernaum where Jesus had activities and meetings in old Synagogue. And also we visit Tabgha Village where Jesus had fed the 5000 people only with 2 fish and 2 loaves of bread. The floor mosaics in this village is really worth seeing. Jesus had been Baptized in Sheria river where is 40km away on the north of Gallilee Lake. The Christians wear white dress and get baptized there. This ceremony is worth seeing too. We stay overnight in Tiberias.

    Holy Lands & Jerusalem 5th Day/01.11:TIBERIAS-NAZARETH-JERICHO-JERUSALEM

    After our Breakfast in our hotel we drive to Nazareth and start our 5th day with Nazareth. That is the birth place of Mary and also where Jesus had spent his childhood time. We can visit Mary’s well, Mary’s House where Angel Gabriel had informed her she got pregnant. Church of Evangel is the biggest church of Middle East and standing over Mary’s House. We can visit that place. After visiting this city outweigh the panoramic ambience of the Middle East, the miracles of Jesus indicates the shores of Jordan River to be baptized.

    We drive to Jericho to see the Temptation Mountain with Temptation Monastery, Hisham’s Palace and Makam’s Prophet Moses. We drive to Jerusalem We stay overnight in Jerusalem.

     Holy Lands & Jerusalem 6th day /02.11: WHOLE DAY JERUSALEM-BETHELEM

    We start Jerusalem with the view of city from Olive Mountain. From here a short walk to Dominus Flevit and walk or drive to church of all nations, garden of Gethsemane, temple mountain, dome of rock, Al Aksa Mosque, mount Zion for church of St Peter in Gallicantu, king David’s tomb, room of last supper, church of the dormition.

    St stephens gate(lions gate), pool of betscheda, church of St Anne, Ein-karem picturesque village, birth place of st john the Baptist, church of visitation and Russian orthodox church,

    Today we will spend full day in Jerusalem. Passing all stations of cross to Holy Sepulcherthe via Dolorosa, the ancient site of crucifixion and burial of Jesus.

    And then we drive to Bethelem where Jesus was born. We visit the Church of Nativity in the cave where Jesus was born and we visit St Catherina Monastery and then we drive to Jerusalem Staying Overnight in Jerusalem.

    Holy Lands & Jerusalem 7th Day-/03.11: JERUSALEM

    After having breakfast we keep going to explore Jerusalem together.Wander the old city markets and Omar Mosque, And then we visit the tombs of Selman-ı Farisi r.a. and Rabiatul Adevviyye hazrats. Steeping yourself in its sights, end your day by visiting garden tomb(a rock hewn tomb believed by protestant denominations to be the side of Jesus’ crucifixion, burial and resurrection. Visit the rebuilt Jewish quarter with old Sephardic old synagogues, byzantine era Cardo, second temple era Herodian mansions, burnt house. Wailing wall. Also we do not forget visiting water aqueduct was built by Ottoman Sultan Suleyman, Burak Mescidi, Mervan Mescidi, Kadim Aksa Mosque. We stay overnight in Jerusalem.

    Holy Lands & Jerusalem 8th Day /04.11: DEAD SEA-JERUSALEM

    We drive to Lut Lake(Dead Sea), 420m from Sea Level. On the road we will see Qumran Caves where the papers of Tora were left in the terracotas in 68AD from outside Below that and with the world’s second. We are going to visit  Massada mountaing by going up there with cable car. And then we visit Herod’s palace, bath and many other ruins where the jews by the Romans in Massada that many years of war fortress.

    And then we visit a cosmetic factory called AHAVA where we can buy cosmetics produced from natural minerals of Dead Sea. We go a hotel just by the Dead Sea to enjoy afternoon by tasting the famous mud bath and drive back to Jerusalem. Stay overnight in Jerusalem

    Holy Lands & Jerusalem 9th Day / 05.11:JERUSALEM-TELAVIV-ISTANBUL

    After having breakfast in our hotel early morning, We say goodbye to each other and end the tour. If someone want to continue with us to Istanbul we catch the flight during day together.


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