Overview to Daily Pergamum&Dikili Tour

If you come to Izmir by Cruise ship or business meeting or for any purpose; Daily Pergamum&Dikili Tour can be an excellent opportunity to do for a day. Pergamum Historical tour besides swimming break at the Bademli coves of Dikili town; we suggest you not to forget bringing your swimming suits.

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  • DURATION: One day Pergamum tour from Izmir
  • DEPARTURE: 9.00am
  • DATE: It runs anyday.
  • INCLUDES: Professional English Speaking Guide, Private Luxury designed A/C Mercedes Van, parking, Admission Fees of Sights.
  • EXCLUDES: Meals and optional tips.
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Itinerary for Daily Pergamum&Dikili Tour
  • After picking up our guests we depart through to Pergamum. Driving takes around 1.5 hour from Izmir.
  • Pergamum was social and cultural as much as it was sacred. Built on a conical hill rising 1000 feet above the surrounding valley, Pergamum was an important capital city in ancient times. Pergamum is home to two of the country’s most celebrated archaeological sites: Pergamum’s Acropolis and Asclepion are both listed among the top 100 historical sites on the Mediterranean. Most of the buildings and monuments in Pergamum date to the time of Eumenes II (197-159BC), including the famed library, the terrace of the spectacularly sited hillside theater, the main palace, the altar of Zeus, and the propylaeum of Athena Temple.

In the early Christian ear, Pergamum’s church was a major center of Christianity and was one of the Seven Ancient Churches of Revelation.

  • We visit another archeological site called Asclepion was the Authority of European medicine from the 2nd century until renaissance. Galen was the founder of the health principles of diet, relaxation, exercise. Visit the ancient hospital & health center where he worked.
  • After completing our Historical tour to Acropolis and Asclepion of Pergamum, we have lunch break in nice local restaurant.
  • Last stop will be Bademli Village where there are very old stone houses and thermal waters just by the beaches. Bademli village offers great views to visitors with its ver long beautiful coasts and wonderful sandy beaches. Also there is a very famous island with only one hotel on it called Kalemli Island there and remnants of the ancient Aya Nicola Church located on a small island are worth seeing. We find a quietest space for ourselves to swim in crystal waters of Aegean Sea in the afternoon and drive back to Izmir.
  • We suggest our guests not to forget to bring swimming suits, towels, sun cream, hat for the tour.
  • This tour is available for Cruise ship guests. It departs from Izmir. But if Cruise ship docks to Dikili port, it can be departed from Dikili Cruise port, too. Please do not hesitate to ask your further questions.
  • While booking tour; if our guests come out from Cruise Ship, our guests must give all details about name of Cruise ship, name of Docking port, arrival and departure time of cruise ship, number of people, any allergic conditions, health problems, name of people well.
  • Guests must have very comfortable shoes to walk on cobblestone surfaces, inclines and 10-30 steps in a day. We recommend a hat and sun cream as there may be limited shade. Also, Guests should watch their step at all times in order to avoid injuries.
  • Please ask us to mail you a tour itinerary with official agreement to avoid congestion.
  • Our guide may swap priority of places to make tour less tiring and avoid crowd.
  • We base our semi-private tours on customized preferences. And also we follow these itineraries in our private tours too. We organize these tours for travellers who prefer doing private tour.
  • Our Company organize all our tours legally byPEACE TRAVEL SERVICE as an official Travel Agency with A-9802 TURSAB  We provide highly experienced licensed Tour Guides to all our guests.


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