Black Sea


Black Sea: While many people focus to the south or west of Turkey to the Mediterranean or Aegean, Black sea is equally deserves to explore. It is totally different from southern coasts of Turkey. It is one of the best places to have a village holiday among the green forests by the Black Sea shores. Spectacular coastline makes for a scenic route across Turkey to other parts of Anatolia. It is very famous region with green forests, hazel nuts trees and Tea Gardens by the hills. Also it was very important area during the old periods. So many civilizations came, lived either for living or ruining the area and passed along the Black Sea Coasts. So it is an historical region with its castles, churches, Monasteries and architecturally important mosques recall the days of the kings Pontus, the Genoese and Ottomans. 

Sumela Monastery is on the top of Karadag Mountain which is a part of Pontic Mountains on the east of Black Sea Coast. It is closest to Macka town of Trabzon Province. The Sumela Monastery had been dedicated to the Virgin Mary as a Greek Orthodox Monastery which was nestled on a crag on a height of about 1.200 meters (3900ft) facing to Altındere Valley.

It is a beautiful and very important Monastery Complex which includes Rock Church, kitchens, guest houses, library, student rooms and several chapels in it. Also there is a large aqueduct which supplies the water to Monastery at the entrance against the side cliff. The inner and outer walls of the Rock Church and next chapel were all decorated with frescoes which all explain the story of Christ and Virgin Mary as the Biblical Scenes. Especially, the main frescoes all dated to the period of Alexios III. The frescoes had been painted in three levels in different periods. The bottom band of frescoes has superior quality. But unfortunately, the frescoes had been seriously damaged as a sample of vandalism.


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