Ali Dede Coskuner

Ali Dede Coskuner Says: “I was born in one of these caves of Fairy Chimneys in Cappadocia as a son of a local villager. I was grown in a small village called Gelegüle in Aksaray city. I graduated from high school in my town and moved to Nevsehir to study in University. After studying tourism I got my degree to be a tour guide in 1989. Since 1991, I have been working as an official licensed tour guide properly. I have a family with 3 sons. One of my sons decided to follow me and studying Tourism too. I love my job and so happy to welcome people to this region. I mix all my information about the history of area with stories what I heard from my grandparents and make all history alive. It is a pleasure to guide people as a person who was born and lived in one of these caves. I look forward to share all my stories, 35 years experiences in my profession with you. Please do not hesitate to ask any question about travelling, area, best hotels, tours to me! It will be my pleasure to save your time and make your trip to Cappadocia unforgettable.”Check and Follow us in Trip Advisor


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