Overview Ephesus&Fun tour

If you want to explore around of Kusadası with culture, local villages, horse riding, swimming besides overall view of Ephesus ruins in the very hot summer, this Ephesus&Fun tour is an excellent opportunity for a day. Our guide will be welcoming you at the exit gate by holding your name and start day to explore the area. Our guests (you) must be sure about departure time of your cruise ship. We promise you we bring you back on time.

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  • DURATION: One day tour to Fun and Culture Tour besides Ephesus from Cruise port of Kusadasi
  • DEPARTURE: Up on arrival time of Cruise Ship
  • INCLUDES: Professional English Speaking Guide, Private Luxury designed A/C Mercedes Van, parking, Admission fees of Sights,
  • EXCLUDES: Meals and optional tips are excluded
  • DATE: It runs anyday up on availibility of Guest/s
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Itinerary for Ephesus&Fun tour
  •  We welcome you at the cruise port of Kusadasi in the morning and drive to Selcuk town where Ephesus ancient city. Driving takes around half an hour to Selcuk town.
  • First we drive to Selchuk town to visit Ephesus ruins to explore the amazing marble ancient city with spectacular historical buildings such as Celsus Library, Grand Roman theatre, Hadrian Temple. We do not visit the whole Ephesus ruins. It is short visit which takes around an hour inside.
  • We get into ancient Ephesus from lower gate and walk through to harbor street. After passing the pine tree street, the huge Ephesus Grand Amphi-theatre welcomes us. We visit the theatre and walk through to Celcus Library which has been second most famous buildings of the city by the Marble road. Also it was one of 4 biggest ancient libraries of the history. In front of Celcus library, there is a huge Courets street up to state area. We walk this street a bit more until in front of Terrace houses and Hadrian Temple we walk back to lover gate again where we entered. Also it was one of 4 biggest ancient libraries of the history.
    After exploring highlights of Ephesus,
  • We go to Carpet Village to see village girls while weaving the rugs. (This stop is not for shopping. It is a huge complex where is supported by government to keep the nomadic rug culture alive. We pay a small monetary contribution to this carpet village for taking their time and hospitalities which is included to tour price. So you will never feel any pressure for shopping there)
  • And then next stop will be Train Museum where we can see the oldest black trains on the oldest railways built during 19th century.
  • And free lunch time in a very nice place where you can see many different animals such as goats, camels, cows, birds, tortoises, turtles and horses. It is an excellent opportunity to taste the fresh organic food and see the animals there. It is a little park and very enjoyable nature. They have all kind of horses for horse riding.
  • Last stop will be swimming stop in a very nice clean local beach of Kushadasi. So please do not forget to bring your swimming suits, towels with you.
  • Driving back to Cruise port in Kusadasi which takes half an hour driving again.
  • While booking tour, our guests must give all details about arrival and departure time of flight, number of people, any allergic conditions, health problems, name of people well.
  • Guests must have very comfortable shoes to walk on cobblestone surfaces, inclines and 10-30 steps in a day. We recommend a hat and sun cream as there may be limited shade. Also, Guests should watch their step at all times in order to avoid injuries.
  • Please ask us to mail you a tour itinerary with official agreement to avoid congestion.
  • 28609_48835_3This tour is quite good opportunity for anyone who are not interested in deep history or not to spend long hours under the hot weather and just to see famous buildings of Ephesus.
  • Our guide may swap priority of places to make tour less tiring and avoid crowd.
  • We base our semi-private tours on customized preferences. And also we follow these itineraries in our private tours too. We organize these tours for travellers who prefer doing private tour.
  • Our Company organize all our tours legally byPEACE TRAVEL SERVICE as an official Travel Agency with A-9802 TURSAB  We provide highly experienced licensed Tour Guides to all our guests.


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