Overview to Private Ephesus tour

This Private Ephesus tour is a great option for history lovers and Ephesus dreamers. During day, you can enjoy each corner of Ephesus and other sites around it well in this tour. You may feel Early Christianity and Historical Heritage of Ephesus. It is a long historical day tour. But each moment of this tour is worth doing. Especially it will be unforgettable with a highly experienced guide whose professions are Archeology and Early Christianity on this area. It is going to be fully pleasure of History.

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  • DURATION: One day tour to Ephesus from Cruise Port of Kusadası
  • DEPARTURE: Up on arrival time of Cruise Ship
  • DATE: It runs every day
  • INCLUDES: Fully escorted by Professional English Speaking Guide, Private Luxury designed A/C Mercedes Van, parking, Admission Fees of Sights,
  • EXCLUDES: Meals, Drinks and optional tips are excluded
Itinerary Private Ephesus Tour
  • We welcome you at the cruise port of Kusadasi in the morning to start our private Ephesus tour. And drive to Selcuk town where Ephesus ancient city and Virgin Mary’s House. Driving takes around half an hour to Selcuk town.
  • First we drive up to Bulbul Mountain to visit Mary’s House with our guide. We stay there around 45 minutes to explore and have information enough
  • And we drive back to Ephesus ruins to explore the amazing marble ancient city with spectacular historical buildings such as Celcius Library, Grand Roman theatre, Hadrian Temple and many other buildings. Also, Terraces Houses are very interesting part to see ancient royal houses. Rich Ephesians had formed with beautiful ancient mosaic art on the walls and floors. It has additional admissions fee to visit it (it is included the price). We stay in Ephesus min 3 hours to have enough time for exploring, taking pictures and enough information.
  • Have a lunch in a very nice local Restaurant to taste the local food of the area.
  • After lunch, we visit St John Basilica. It was constructed by Justinian I in 6th century who had built Hagia Sophia of Constantinople. It stands over the believed burial site of John the Apostle by the Ayasuluk Hill.
  • And then next stop is Isabey Mosque. It was constructed by Anatolian Beyliks (That is time after Seljuks before Ottomans) in 1375. Isabey Mosque is one of earliest mosques, but one of the most impressive architectural work on this area. It is located on the slope of Ayasuluk Hill next to St John Basilica.
  • Next stop is Ephesus Archeological Museum where you can see the mythological gods and goddesses’ sculptures. Also it is very famous museum to see the sculptor of Socrates.
  • Before ending day and driving back to Kushadasi port, Last stop is Artemision. Artemis Temple was standing  in Artemision during Hellenistic era. It was identified as one of the 7 ancient wonders of the world. Original Artemis sculptor is in British Museum but we can see in Ephesus Museum.
  • Driving back to Cruise port in Kusadasi which takes half an hour driving again.
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  • This tour itinerary is suggested for guests whose cruise ship docks in the morning before 9.00am and leave late after 7.00pm.
  • While booking tour, our guests must give all details about name of Cruise ship, arrival and departure time of cruise ship, number of people, any allergic conditions, health problems, name of people well.
  • It is fully historical Heritage tour, so we may not have enough time for shopping in any place.
  • Guests must have very comfortable shoes to walk on cobblestone surfaces, inclines and 10-30 steps in a day. We recommend a hat and sun cream as there may be limited shade.  Guests should watch their step at all times in order to avoid injuries.
  • Please ask us to mail you a tour itinerary with official agreement to avoid congestion.
  • After you book the tour, if you request, we book the flight ticket for you with  best price and add to your tour price.
  • Our guide may swap priority of places to make tour less tiring and avoid crowd.
  • We base our semi-private tours on customized preferences. And also we follow these itineraries in our private tours too. We organize these tours for travellers who prefer doing private tour.
  • Our Company organize all our tours legally by PEACE TRAVEL SERVICE as an official Travel Agency with A-9802 TURSAB Membership. We provide highly experienced licensed Tour Guides to all our guests.


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